The Firehouse Art Center (FAC) enriches our community by offering the highest quality visual arts education, experiences and exhibitions.
Vision Statement
Enhancing our community though the visual arts.
Creativity. Education. Community.
Create. Innovate. Play.
Firehouse faculty members are professional teaching artists who provide high level visual arts instruction in a variety of mediums. The FAC seeks qualified instructors to teach art classes for adults that encourage self-expression and creativity. Instructors must:

  • Possess an enthusiasm for teaching
  • Have extensive experience within their specialized art discipline 
  • Be experienced preparing class materials and implementing lesson plans
  • Be willing to challenge, engage, and communicate with students to encourage their participation and learning, while maintaining mutual value and respect

All students are different in terms of their skills, ability, learning and cognitive styles as well as attitudes, pace of learning, personality and motivation. Please plan to address the needs of all students by teaching at multiple levels and engaging all students in a dynamic classroom experience.

Applicants will be assessed on the breadth and depth of education, training, experience, skills, knowledge and abilities.


  • Bachelors Degree in an Art discipline
  • Portfolio
  • Proposed class description
  • Able to design and implement lesson plans that follow the Oklahoma Standards for Fine Arts: Visual Arts guidelines (formerly known as the PASS standards)
  • Commitment to Firehouse Arts Center’s mission of providing quality visual arts education to members of the community
  • Ability to promote classes 

Desired Qualifications:

  • Exhibiting artist
  • Teaching background
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to interact with a wide variety of people
  • Familiarity with Oklahoma’s visual arts curriculum standards
  • Knowledge of various learning styles and curriculum design

In its desire to select outstanding faculty members from the largest possible pool of qualified applicants, the Firehouse Art Center recognizes candidates may have attained expertise in a discipline through a variety of means. Certain combinations of education, experience, and other accomplishments in the field may be judged as equal to the stated minimum qualifications for this position. Candidates who feel they possess such equivalent qualifications are encouraged to apply, providing appropriate documentation of their qualifications.

Class Curriculum
All classes should emphasize creativity,  education, and self-expression. Classes should teach students both technical skills and larger art history lessons that contextualize the skills. 

  • Creativity: guiding students to self-expression
  • Education: history of the medium: facilitating a discussion of how the medium was developed throughout history. 
  • Art History: How artists have used the medium to create masterworks throughout history.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.